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From headlights to security features, Tint World® stays cutting edge in 2018

January 19, 2018

We track and stock the newest and hottest tech for your car or truck.

White Honda civic driving at night, showing off headlights

At Tint WorldA man inside a high-end car touching the center console, we keep track of the trends so you don’t have to. Rest assured we always have the hottest and highest-quality after-market accessories and styling options for your car.

Here are a few anticipated trends we are following as 2018 starts rolling along:

  • Car colors: Carmakers have access to an increasing palette of colors. Many customers cite car color as driving purchase decisions, and an entire industry has emerged to offer color schemes created for specific demographic targets, ranging from mothers to Millennials. Regardless of the color of your new car, Tint WorldA man inside a high-end car touching the center console offers our own endless after-market palette to create the specific color you want.
  • Technology: Many new cars are outfitted with a range of once-unimaginable safety features. These include lane-intrusion sensors and automatic braking. Tint WorldA man inside a high end car touching the center console offers a range of aftermarket tech features and safety features ranging from rearview cameras to remote starts and the highest quality available on the market.
  • Crossovers: Expect the SUV-sedan hybrid trend to continue. Crossovers are for those who want the space and profile provided by SUVs but want a less cumbersome and gas-guzzling ride. As with all cars and trucks, Tint WorldA man inside a high-end car touching the center console can provide the latest after-market accessories. Want a light bar or bumpers or even puddle lights? We can customize your crossover.
  • Headlights: The evolution of these seemingly mundane but critical car parts continues apace. Tint WorldA man inside a high-end car touching the center console can install adaptive headlights that direct their beams in conjunction with your steering direction. We can also provide or order laser headlights that in some cases can illuminate objects nearly a mile away. Night-vision, which combines infrared imaging with sensors and a display, can warn drivers of stopped vehicles or animals or other objects in the path of the car.

Whether you want to stay on top of the latest trends or go old-school, Tint World can meet your needs. Contact your nearest Tint World® man inside a high-end car touching the center console today for visions of the future.

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