Enjoy the Sun This Summer With Tint World® Protective Solar Window Tint

April 5, 2023

We’re all glad to experience more sunlight as summer approaches. But longer, brighter days also come with the possibility of driving conditions that reduce visibility and increased exposure to the sun’s potentially harmful energy.

Glare and UV radiation can severely limit our safety and enjoyment on the road. That’s why Tint World® offers the industry’s top automotive window tinting services. Our range of advanced solutions for fast, flawless custom window tint stands out from the competition, and our trained expert technicians ensure accurate installation and lasting value.

We even offer Tint World® Protective Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film for drivers who want the safety and comfort advantages of tinted windows but prefer the look and clarity of clear automobile windows.

Tint World® Protective Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film are designed to provide over 75% visible light transmittance, while blocking 99% of the sun’s harmful, damaging ultraviolet light rays. Solar window tint also provides over 40% reduction of solar heat energy.

Solar window tint offers the full benefits of traditional window tint without the darkened film. Instead, solar window tint is nearly clear. Tint World® solar window tint is also a protective UV window film, providing complete ultraviolet protection for you and your family and friends. Solar window tint reduces infrared heat transmissions, increases interior comfort, enhances glare-free lighting, and adds additional safety from premature skin aging and eye conditions as well as broken glass from collisions.

Tint World® Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film:

  • Blocks UV radiation: The best thing about solar window tint is that reduces up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV-A and UV-B cancer-causing rays without the need for darkened window film. Over time, UV rays can also damage the interior of your vehicle, causing precious leather and vinyl surfaces to fade and crack and reducing the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Reduces glare: Solar window film can also make you a safer driver by reducing glare and eye fatigue. Reduce squinting so you and your passengers can enjoy sunlight safely throughout the year.
  • Increases shatter-resistance: Solar window film can actually keep you safer in the unfortunate event of an accident. When solar window film is applied to the glass of your vehicle, it provides an extra barrier of protection by increasing the shatter resistance of the glass. Not only will the glass be more difficult to break, but the film helps hold shattered glass in place and prevents the shards of glass from flying around the vehicle.
  • Reduces heat: Just like with traditional window film, solar window film is very effective in keeping the interior of your vehicle cool and reduces up to 70% of the heat. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area with hot summers. Since the interior of your vehicle will be naturally cooler, you will find that you have to use your air conditioning system less, which will also increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Without solar window tint, unwanted radiation can lead to interior damage, unsafe glare, and even adverse medical effects for you and passengers. Visit the nearest Tint World® location to find out more about how our Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film can help you maximize comfort and safety this summer!