Residential Window Tinting can Save Energy this Fall

October 4, 2016

October means that cold weather is starting to arrive in a large part of the country. With fall and the colder weather approaching, this is a great time to add window tinting to your home to help save money on energy bills. With the wide array of residential window tinting services that are available, you can find exactly what you need to prepare your home for fall and winter weather at your local TintWorld® location.

Solar window film available at your local TintWorld® location can retain the interior heat in your home during cold weather, helping to save money on energy costs each day. In addition, solar window tinting can also block 80% of the sun’s rays in warmer weather, helping to lower air conditioning costs as well. Other benefits of home window tinting from TintWorld® include: 
Return on Investment: Compared to other investments, including new HVAC systems and additional insulation, home window tinting offers an outstanding return on investment for homeowners.  A study by the IWFA showed that certain climates that have a lot of suns can offer a return on investment of up to 64%. The study showed that most home window tinting can pay for itself in energy savings in as little as two years.

Increased Privacy: Home window tinting can not only help reduce glare from the sun in fall and winter, but it can also increase privacy, letting you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without concern for who is looking in. With the added privacy of solar window film, drapes and blinds are less needed and allow you to enjoy your view without feeling like you’re on display.

Savings on home furnishings: If you have noticed that the furnishings in your home have issues with color fading or premature aging, the most common factor can be UV sunlight that is coming into your home. Adding home window tinting from TintWorld® can help eliminate most UV rays that come into your home throughout the year, extending the life of your home furnishings.

Before the cold weather hits this fall and winter, this is a great time to prep your house to maximize your energy savings with residential window tinting. To learn more about the wide range of services that TintWorld® can you save money on your home energy bills this fall and winter, contact your local Tint World® today!