Five ways Tint World® can protect your car’s exterior this winter

December 17, 2018

We’ve turned the calendar to December, and it’s time to get your car prepared for winter.

Remember to check your wiper blades, battery, and tires, but you can rely on Tint World® to protect your car’s exterior from the ravages of Old Man Winter. Our paint protection films and ceramic coatings can guard against salt, brine, and road debris.

Here’s a sampling of our services to help keep your car in top shape until spring:

  1. Tint World® Clear-Bra Paint Protection Film. Our 8mm computer-cut film ensures a perfect fit and protects your car’s paint job from small road debris, gravel, salt, and brine.
  2. Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coatings. Our branded water-repellent Nano Ceramic Coating will protect your car’s finish and paint long after winter ends. It protects against scratches, grime, salt, debris, weather, and UV rays. It can also be applied to vinyl and leather to protect your interior from snow-covered boots and jackets.
  3. Auto detailing. If you live in a snowy area, your car will likely collect a lot of the salt used to treat roads. If allowed to linger, salt will promote corrosion or rust, so wash your car regularly. All of our auto detailing packages include a hand-wash and dry. We can also provide premium wax coatings.
  4. Windshield protection. Tint World® Windshield Skin Film is perfectly clear and reduces glare. It also repels rain and snow to improve your visibility, protecting against chips and scratches.
  5. Light-protection films. Winter road grime can accumulate quickly on headlights and taillights. Our protective films can help your headlights avoid dings, pitting, and clouding while providing clear illumination all winter.

If you don’t take some of these steps to protect your car this winter, you may regret it this spring. These exterior protections can also benefit your car even if you live in warmer climates. Contact your local Tint World® for help today.