Hit the Waves in Style with Tint World®

July 27, 2021

As summer approaches, you might be hitting the water just as often as the road. Tint World® has the latest upgrades and styling accessories for your boat or personal watercraft to ensure it makes a splash wherever it goes!

Here are just some of the ways we can upgrade your experience on the water:

  • Marine Window Tinting: When you’re cruising on the water, the sun can be brutal. Tint World® has specialized in window tint since 1982. Our technicians can make your boat or watercraft more comfortable with a tint package that provides privacy and blocks out more than 99% of UV radiation reduces solar heat by up to 85%.
  • Marine Nano Ceramic Coatings: Protect your watercraft from the corrosive effects of sun and salt water with an application of Nano Ceramic Coating. It’s specially formulated to create a durable, hard, ultra-glossy barrier that protects interior, exterior, and underwater surfaces of your vessel.
  • Marine Audio Electronics: Is your music sounding a little…watered down? Up the fun factor with built-in Bluetooth, multi-speaker sound systems and safety with GPS navigation!
  • Marine Wraps and Graphics: Our specially trained Tint World® technicians can transform your watercraft with wraps that reflect your style, or boost your brand with an advertising message.
  • Marine Lighting: With custom interior and exterior lighting packages from Tint World®, you can find a look that stands out and is uniquely yours.

Whether your favorite watercraft is a yacht or a jet ski, Tint World® offers marine aftermarket upgrades and styling services to keep you safe, comfortable, and looking great on the water. Contact your local Tint World® today to get started!