Hot Deals for Summer Savings

July 31, 2013

It is hot, hot, hot and Tint World® is having a Summer Sale scorching with deals so good that’ll make your car melt (with joy).
You may be at the beach catching as many rays as you can but it’s a different story when it comes to your vehicle. Parts of your vehicle, specifically the interior can be damaged due to an extended period of time under the sun. What’s the best solution? Window tint film from Tint World®! Window tint actually provides another layer of protection to your vehicle—once it’s applied, it blocks harmful UV rays from wearing and tearing interior fabrics and materials. Take advantage of Tint World®’s special deal—$30 off ANY automotive window tint package—and protect your interior from fading or dulling. Additional benefits includes keeping the interior cool, keeping your own skin protected from harsh UV rays, extra privacy, and the instant cool, custom look window tint achieves on any vehicle.
Damage from the sun doesn’t just stop there though. Hours under in the scorching heat can actually dry out your vehicle’s paint and cause oxidation and premature fading. Similar to keeping your skin moisturized, a thorough wash can help prevent any unwanted damage from the sun. With the purchase of an Ultimate Tint Package, Tint World® is offering a FREE WASH & WAX. That’s right, not only will your vehicle get the hose down it deserves—cleansing it of pollution and grime its accumulated—but Tint World® finishes the job by adding a layer of protection with wax. Waxing vehicles is one of the most effective ways to keep it looking like new and guards the paint against more pollutants while combating the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.
For those driving trucks, Tint World® is offering a different kind of protection for your vehicle, a spray in bedliner. Spray in bedliners is specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to your truck’s bed protecting it from just about anything you or Mother can dish out. Right now, Tint World® is offering spray in bedliners at $399.99 (a standard bed liner in black has an MSRP of $499.99)! Enjoy the benefits of spray in bedliners that include the prevention of scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination as well as an anti-slip surface.
What’s summer without a beach blowout? As part of our Summer Savings Sale, Tint World® is having its own 2013 inventory blowout—the more you buy, the more you save! Check out mobile electronics and audio/video systems from top brands like JVS, Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, and more for special deals and steals. Best of all, with the purchase of head units over $119, Tint World® will install it for free. Bring the fun and the noise with you everywhere you go and with a loaded enclosure package for only $349, you can be heard having the time of your life from a mile away. The package includes Street Reference speakers and subs (with a standard MSRP of $399). So don’t wait, enjoy the rest of your summer with the baddest system around.
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