How to Choose the Right Roof Rack

January 18, 2016

Whether it is tools, bikes, snowboards, or a cargo carrier that you put on your vehicle, it is essential to understand the kinds of racks that are available to purchase. Knowing the best possible rack option to put on your vehicle will save time and money.

Here at Tint World®, we transform cars every day for work and play, especially our own. Here are three essential questions to consider before you pick a roof rack:

How often will I use it?

Before adding a roof rack, you should always consider how you’ll use it. If you’re a frequent mountain biker and have friends who go along with you, then it would be best to invest in a permanent rack that can hold multiple bikes and all of their accessories. If mountain biking is something you only do from time to time, an easily removable rack would be a better fit.

How much weight will I put on the rack?

Safety is always important, so you want to pick a rack that will support the weight of the objects you plan to place on it. Carrying a heavy load? Consider a rack made out of titanium or other sturdy alloys. If only hauling light luggage, a hard plastic roof rack will work just fine.

Is my vehicle compatible with the roof rack?

The biggest mistake a vehicle owner can make is to not do their research and end up buying a rack that doesn’t fit their vehicle. Check with the manufacturer to make sure the roof rack you want is compatible with your vehicle. When in doubt, contact an expert like your local automotive styling center. They can verify compatibility and save you the trouble of having to return a rack that doesn’t fit.

Choosing the right roof rack and installing it properly doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you’re looking for the right roof rack for your next adventure, contact your local Tint World® today. They’ll help you select the right rack for your needs and ensure a quality, hassle-free installation.