How to Keep Your Boat Clean This Season? Tint World® Marine Detailing

June 12, 2024

Enjoying regular boat outings with friends and family often comes with its fair share of bumps, spills, and exposure to the elements. If the stains, dents and dings of everyday boating are left untreated, they can result in permanent damage to your vessel’s exterior or interior over time. These factors can impact your enjoyment and the overall value of your major investment.

Getting your boat detailed with Tint World®’s marine detailing services regularly throughout the season will help you repel the effects of everyday wear and tear. You can keep your boat, yacht or power sports equipment looking sharp and protect its overall condition and value, ensuring peace of mind while you’re on the water.

Benefits of regular marine detailing include:

  • Reducing everyday buildup and the impact of wear and tear.
  • A clean vessel improves the overall experience of you and your guests.
  • Maintaining your boat’s showroom condition is essential to maximizing its resale value.

Tint World marine detailing services utilize advanced, specially formulated solutions that protect both the exterior and interior of today’s boats. Our full range of services includes everything from washing, waxing, and applying sealant to stain removal, wood restoration and upholstery care.

We provide:

  • Interior detailing: We dust, polish, vacuum and scrub the galley, heads and other areas below deck, helping keep them in pristine condition.
  • Exterior detailing: Extensive cleaning of the boat’s exterior protects against exposure to dirt, salt, the sun and other forces. Regular waxing offers an added layer of protection.
  • Restoration: From corrosion to leather, vinyl and upholstery repair, Tint World’s experts can restore your vessel back to its original shine.

To provide an even greater value, we offer weekly and monthly maintenance plans. Visit your nearest Tint World location to learn more.

With our specialty packages and world-class marine detailing service, you spend less time worrying about your boat and more time enjoying your time on the water!