Prevent Radio Frequency-Enabled Cyberattacks with Tint World® Radio Frequency Film

June 5, 2024

Tint World® is your partner in protecting your organization from cybercrime, one of the primary risks companies in the United States face. In a report from Statista, cybercrime will cost the U.S. an estimated $452 billion dollars in 2024.

The financial and reputational damage that this type of breach can bring to a government entity or company — especially one that is responsible for stewarding sensitive data – is substantial.

Data breaches and other malicious attacks are increasing with the number of annual incidents nearly doubling within the last 10 years.

Organizations across the globe are continuously searching for new ways to keep information secure.

Traditional cybersecurity protocols face new challenges due to the proliferation of Bluetooth, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and IoT (Internet of Things) devices that rely on radio waves within the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. These connections, often lacking encryption, operate on unsecured radio channels.

The security challenge becomes even more complex due to the widespread use of RF devices today. Consequently, confidential company information could be compromised through data tampering, eavesdropping, or piggybacking.

As reported in February of this year, even the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester emphasized the critical need to enhance defenses against radio frequency-enabled cyberattacks. This highlights the growing importance of safeguarding all sectors, including small business, from these highly sophisticated threats.

Protecting sensitive data is a matter of corporate as well as national security. One way to block unwanted RF transmissions in your building or office is with RF window film technology.

Tint World® Radio Frequency Window Films are designed to shield buildings from external RF interference.  RF reduction and security window film solutions are the standard for government offices and corporations needing to properly secure office buildings and at-risk locations handling sensitive or classified information.

These advanced architectural films offer the following benefits:

  • Block 90% to 95% of RF/EMF radiation.
  • Minimize exposure to electromagnetic and radio frequencies.
  • Film is seamlessly installed on glass in virtually any building application.
  • Can provide data rupture assurance.
  • Helps meet the stringent security prerequisites for offices managing sensitive data.
  • Provides countering of IR laser microphones, as well as RF transmissions.
  • Anti-eavesdropping film provides wireless security to meet SCIF and Tempest requirements.

With Tint World, you can ensure your organization’s sensitive information remains secure from modern cyber threats.

Let the professionals at Tint World® help you secure your classified information from those using RF to spy on your private business information. Download our commercial window guide here or call us at 800-767-8468.