Radio frequency window film

Protect Information With Radio Frequency Window Film!

Tint World® RF (Radio Frequency) Window Film technology has been engineered to help properly secure locations handling sensitive and classified information. Our film features infrared attenuation which is critical for full anti-eavesdropping purposes. Tint World® Radio Frequency Window Films are expensive options when it comes to mitigating threats from high amounts of eavesdropping espionage.

Tint World® Radio Frequency (RF) Window Films are an effective shielding solution to RF interference in densely populated areas. Our architectural window film features shielding technology which insulates buildings from outside RF interference. Whether your looking to secure a government building, or commercial office space where proprietary information is highly sought after, the experts at Tint World® have you covered.

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Radio Frequency Window Film Experts Since 1982

We live in a digital age where data is king. It’s only right to want to protect your information from those seeking to steal it.

Radio frequency window film

Radio Frequency Window Film Benefits:

  • Block 90% to 95% of RF/EMF radiation

  • Minimize exposure to electromagnetic and radio frequencies

  • RF attenuation and security window film solutions are the standard for government offices and corporations needing to properly secure office buildings and at-risk locations handling sensitive or classified information

  • Film is seamlessly installed on glass in virtually any building application

  • Can provide data rupture assurance

  • Helps meet the stringent security prerequisites for offices taking care of classified data

  • Provides countering of IR laser microphones, as well as RF transmissions

  • Anti-eavesdropping film provides wireless security to meet SCIF and Tempest requirements

Tint World® Radio Frequency Window Films

These films can protect your information from electronic eavesdropping and wireless signal stealing through your windows.
Radio frequency window film
Radio Frequencies

Tint World® Radio Frequency Films provide a simple solution to electronic eavesdropping prevention. Let the professionals at Tint World® help you secure your classified information from those using RF to spy on your high-security office buildings.

Anti Eavesdropping

Eavesdropping is generally a term you here in movies, but in reality, this is happening all the time. Espionage is taking place at historic levels and has become a serious issue in high-security office buildings in both government and private sectors.

Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic Radiation

Tint World® Radio Frequency Window Films help protect those with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), a health condition characterized by sensitivity to certain electromagnetic resonance (EMR) frequencies. Individuals with EHS tend to get headaches, experience fatigue, or struggle to concentrate on daily tasks.

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