Is Winter Damaging Your Car’s Finish?

February 19, 2019

Protective Finishes from Tint World® Will Shield Your Vehicle

Have the winter blues got you down? When you’re battling cloudy skies, short days and cold weather, it might be tempting to let car care slide, but winter can be as damaging to your car as it is to your spirits. Luckily for you and your vehicle, Tint World® offers high-tech nano ceramic coatings that can shield your car from the elements this winter and throughout the year.

While some threats to your car are always present, many are unique to winter. Here are just a few.

  1. Water and ice. Rain, especially in areas where acid rain is a problem, can wear down your vehicle’s finish over time. But when things get cold, the same pollutants in rain are trapped in ice instead. Exposure to water and ice causes parts of your car to rust, too. A nano-ceramic coating keeps water and ice away from your car’s paint job, wheels and calipers.
  2. Frosty windshields. If you’re scraping your windshield every morning, the frost and scraping will eventually take their toll on your glass. Our high-tech ceramic glass coating repels water and dirt, prevents scratches, and improves visibility.
  3. Feathered friends. Bird droppings can etch an unprotected car’s finish over time, and in the depths of winter you might not be as vigilant at rinsing them off as you are in the summer.
  4. Salty roads. The salts and chemicals used to treat icy roads will also corrode your car and eat away at its paint finish if they aren’t rinsed off quickly. A nano-ceramic coating can help keep road salt at bay.

Tint World® offers Nano Ceramic Coatings in a variety of packages to fit your needs and wallet. You’ll never have to wax again, and these coatings last for years. Put some distance between your vehicle and those damaging forces. It’s a sound investment that will keep your car looking newer longer. Contact your local Tint World® for an appointment and quote today!