Lift Kits vs. Lowering Kits: Which One is Better for You

April 20, 2021

When it comes to trucks, some owners prefer to have their vehicle higher off the ground for various reasons. The same holds true for those that prefer to be closer to ground level. In these cases, customers may consider purchasing either a lift kit or a lowering kit.

Both options have their advantages. For example, elevating your truck higher off the ground allows you to install larger tires. So, purchasing a lift kit may be preferable. On the opposite end, some drivers may want to lower their truck to increase driving capability including better handling and greater tire traction.

Depending on what your desires are, either option may be what is right for you.

Lift Kits

With a lift kit, you can increase the height of your vehicle anywhere between one inch to 10 inches. The height can be even taller using a custom modification. An increased clearance is one of the most common reasons customers make this purchase. More clearance provides more distance between the undercarriage and the road surface, allowing you to stay safer while driving. Increasing the height of your truck also allows for more visibility.

Looking for a smoother ride? Then installing a lift kit may be for you. This gives the driver more comfort when traveling on rough terrain while also improving the vehicle’s ability to drive on difficult off-road surfaces.

Lowering Kits

If better handling is what you are looking for in truck, a lowering kit can be your best friend. By lowering your vehicle closer to the ground, there is less air traveling beneath the chassis, making it more aerodynamic and fuel efficient.

With the vehicle being closer to the ground, it allows the tires to grip to the roadway as well, improving the handling of the vehicle. This kit is optimal when towing or hauling items on a regular basis is not a concern. It is often used on sporty vehicles.

Regardless of your preference, Tint World® has you covered. As the leading automotive franchise, we can assist you, whether it’s lifting your truck 10 inches of the ground or lowering it to improve handling. Visit your local Tint World® for more information on these services. Be sure to check out our other aftermarket accessories, such as our Nano Ceramic Coating as well!