How to Pick Modifications for Your Vehicle

March 9, 2016

There are a lot of cars and trucks out there with healthy aftermarket support. From Mustangs to Jeeps, customizing a popular ride is as easy as opening a catalog; but what about everything else? How can you pick out modifications for your vehicle if there’s not a lot of aftermarket support available?

Automotive styling and customization shops are expertly trained to help you find, determine and install modifications no matter what make and model your ride is. So, if you can’t find off-the-shelf support for your car, truck or SUV, here’s how the experts can help modify it to your dreams.

  • Pick universal: If you can’t seem to find direct “bolt-on” upgrades for your ride, don’t worry as there are numerous universal upgrades that can fit or be made to fit with ease. For example, if you want a little extra noise from your exhaust, don’t waste hours on the internet looking for a “direct-fit” cat-back – buy a universal aftermarket muffler and have your favorite custom car shop build you an exhaust system. Other interior upgrades like custom pedals, shift knobs, LED lighting and steering wheels can be purchased and made to fit for virtually any vehicle.
  • Get aftermarket wheels: When you add a good set of aftermarket wheels and tires to your ride, you may be surprised by the instant transformation. Because custom wheels come in every bolt pattern, you can get a set to fill your fenders and give off an aggressive look no matter what make and model your car is. Before you buy though, make sure to consult your local custom wheel shop to ensure proper fitment.
  • Try a wrap: If you want your car to stand out in the parking lot, change its color with a vinyl wrap. Taking the form of a temporary paint job, you can preserve your factory clear coat while adding new and exciting colors or graphics to your car. Vinyl wraps are completely removable and cost effective, so you can even change your ride’s color multiple times a year. It’s important to have these professionally installed though so you don’t end up with unsightly bubbles, tears or wrinkles in the wrap itself.
  • Go custom: Custom fabrications can transform any mundane sedan into a show-stopping powerhouse, but typically at an expensive price. Fortunately, national automotive styling centers, like Tint World®, have partnered with Mobile Solutions, a custom fabrication training company, to create one-off solutions for virtually any car. From factory-looking custom dashboards and stereo enclosures, to fully customized gauge clusters, the sky’s the limit with aftermarket fabrications.

If you’re ready to transform your ride but are still unsure where to start, contact your local Tint World® today. We have been modifying all types of cars and trucks for years and have the experience, tools and technical know-how to help you customize your ride.