Plan Ahead to Build the Perfect Marine Audio System for Summer

March 1, 2023

The perfect boating season doesn’t just happen — it takes planning and just the right gear to live your best life on the water. So get a jump start on summer now by upgrading your marine audio and electronics with Tint World®’s full lineup of leading products and services.

Tint World® offers a full lineup of the most popular marine audio brands, with industry-leading products designed to bring music and other entertainment to life in full, rich detail. Whether your top priority is sound quality, convenience, cost, or safety, our skilled marine audio and video professionals are ready to help you build a custom system for your needs.

Tint World®’s industry-leading selection of marine audio and electronics features all the equipment you need for fun and safety on the water, including:

  • Marine audio receivers: Our marine audio receivers offer excellent performance and expandability, and they’re built to stand up to sun, salt, and spray.
  • Marine audio accessories: Remote controls, covers, mounts, satellite radio, and other accessories make it easier to get the most out of your boat’s audio system.
  • Marine audio amplifiers: The power and sound quality of an external amp are far superior to the performance of a standard marine audio system’s internal amplifier.
  • Marine audio equalizers: Shape the sound of your audio system with our equalizers and processors, which allows you to adjust and organize the signal traveling from your receiver to your amplifiers.
  • Crossovers: A sophisticated amplified marine audio system requires a crossover network to direct the right frequencies to its various amplifiers and speakers.
  • Marine bass packages: From a simple subwoofer/box combo to a full-fledged amplified multi-sub setup, we can up the bump in your marine audio system.
  • Sound processors: Sound processors maximize the performance of amplifiers and speakers, and adjust your marine audio system for optimal acoustic performance.
  • Marine audio speakers: You’ll enjoy the detailed, realistic sound when you upgrade your marine speakers at Tint World® whether you’re wake-boarding or watching the sun go down.
  • Marine audio subwoofers: Enjoy powerful, accurate bass in your vessel with today’s component subwoofers. Build a system that will add new dimensions to your marine sound experience.
  • Marine GPS navigation: Use touchscreen controls to access preloaded maps and find local points-of-interest. Many GPS navigators include MP3 playback, Bluetooth capability, and voice prompts.

If you’re ready to get the most out of your investment, visit your local Tint World® for more information on our full range of marine services, including lighting, color change wraps and graphics, professional detailing, and nano ceramic protective coatings.