Protect Auto, Residential and Commercial Surfaces with Nano Ceramic Coatings

June 15, 2021

Everyone wants to protect their investments. Whether you’ve spent money on a new vehicle or new countertops, it can be painful to see those purchases deteriorate. That’s why we offer Nano Ceramic Coating, the perfect solution to combat deterioration and keep your investments in tip-top shape. This coating offers an extra layer of protection against scratches and damages, while also enhancing the appearance of your product. Best part? Ceramic coatings can be applied to a number of things, including your vehicle and high-touch residential and commercial surfaces!

Auto Vehicles

Tired of having to wax your vehicle after washing it down? A Nano Ceramic Coating will ensure that you never have to wax again. At Tint World®, our crystal-clear coating is formulated with 9H hardness for extreme scratch and chip resistance. Additionally, it provides ultraviolet ray and corrosion protection that will prevent your vehicle from being damaged by the sun’s solar heat.

That’s not all! Our Nano Ceramic Coating repels dirt and water anywhere it is applied to ensure your vehicle stays clean without the hassle of going to the car wash on a regular basis. The coating’s self-cleaning properties provide extended durability with less maintenance, saving you money and time!

Home Surface Protection

Whether it’s frequently-used countertops or kitchen appliances, Tint World®’s ceramic coatings leave your interior surfaces looking brand new, while also providing a protective shield against scuffs.

The residential coating can also be used on glass surfaces, providing your windows and shower doors with an easy-to-clean coating that will help eliminate water stains and scum buildup.

Commercial Surface Protection

A Nano Ceramic Coating will help keep high-touch surfaces in your business in pristine condition. Providing an added layer of protection, the ceramic coating will also help keep your storefront windows and building surfaces cleaner from dirt and external debris.

Ceramic coatings also keep floors, marble and granite countertops in top shape by protecting them from harm caused in heavily trafficked areas. Save time by needing to clean less frequently, and maintaining a longer-lasting shine!

Ready to add ceramic coating to your home or office’s surfaces? Visit your nearest Tint World® location today.