Protect your house with Tint World® storm protection film

September 10, 2018

Our films prevent flying glass shards, debris intrusion

The 2018 hurricane forecast is only calling for four more storms. That’s good news overall for those on the Eastern Seaboard, but all it takes is one of the storms to damage your city, your neighborhood or your home.

Tint World® storm protection film  can limit the damage your home or business suffers in the face of nature’s wrath, be it a hurricane, severe thunderstorm or tornado. They can add more resilience to existing windows in the face of high winds and keep broken glass shards from becoming dangerous projectiles. Storm protection films can also hold a window together, even if broken. This prevents the entry of rainwater and wind-driven debris.

If you are a Tint World® customer in a hurricane-prone part of the country, it’s not too late to take preventative measures in the face of potential storms. But even if you live inland, your home’s windows run the risk of breaking in the face of a storm of any kind.

Here are some fast facts about wind storms and their potential impact on your home:

  • Windows can start to give in winds of about 65-80 mph, depending on their pressure rating. It’s important to note, however, that flying debris is the main cause of broken windows in a storm.
  • It’s a myth that slightly opening your windows in advance of a storm can “equalize the pressure.” Nonsense. External violent winds and wind-driven debris cause the most damage. Leaving your windows slightly open will only allow water intrusion. Winds can come from any direction.
  • Don’t bother with duct tape. It won’t increase the wind pressure rating. Window films from Tint World, however, can offer additional protection from breakage and keep the shards in place.

Prepare your home today, because a storm could strike tomorrow. Contact Tint World® for more information and to receive a quote on our storm window protective films.