Reduce your insurance costs and protect your car with an alarm from Tint World®

September 4, 2018

We offer the most sophisticated alarm systems available

An aftermarket car alarm from Tint World® will not only protect your investment, but it can also qualify you for vehicle insurance discounts. Both passive and active alarm systems can reduce your insurance premiums by at least 10 percent.

A passive system is a standard feature on many new cars. This alarm system doesn’t require arming by the driver. It can arm itself, for instance, when a door lock button is pressed on a key fob.

An active system requires physical arming. This means a driver has to press a button to arm the alarm. There are also silent alarm systems that send a signal to a car owner’s smartphone or another device.

Tint World® provides all three types. We can tailor your alarm system to best suit your needs. If you have an expensive array of audio or other products (also available at Tint World®) then you may want an active or passive alarm system that sounds an alarm when your vehicle is breached. This will likely cause a thief to cut and run.

Here are two car alarm systems offered by Tint World® that can save you money on your insurance while protecting your car and its contents.

Viper: We offer two levels of Viper sophisticated alarm systems. Both include shock sensors, sirens, and technology to shut off your car’s engine. It also includes smart-phone compatible hardware that includes a tracking system. This will allow the biggest insurance premium discounts.

Compustar: We carry two series of this alarm and remote-start system. A remote start can not only increase your safety, but it can also help ensure your car is warm or cold upon entry during hot and cold weather. Compustar also includes the latest alarm and siren technology.

Tint World® also offers additional car-protection services that can link all data and controls to a smartphone.

Contact your local Tint World® today for more information or a quote. An investment in a car security system can protect your vehicle and contents — and might just pay for itself over time with the money you save on insurance.