10 styling products for a showroom finish

August 31, 2018

Our branded detailing products can maintain your car’s showroom finish

Tint World® takes pride in detailing and restoring cars to their original sheen and shine. We also take pride in offering some terrific branded products.

These products are available at local Tint World® shops so our customers can wash, detail and shine their cars at their leisure in the comfort of their own driveways. Our customers know that we only put our name on the best products out there, and we roll out new ones regularly.

These detailing compounds can achieve a showroom finish similar to Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coatings.

Here’s a rundown on our best branded and customized detailing and cleaning formulas available for your use.

  1. Ceramic Waterless Wash & Detailer: Our latest branded product will clean, polish and protect your vehicle. The advanced ceramic coating will repel water as well as protect your car’s exterior from harmful UV rays. It’s safe to use on plastics and trim and will protect and enhance your vehicle for up to six months.
  2. Correction Compound: Our branded Correction Compound safely washes away paint defects, swirls, scratches and oxidization.
  3. Decon Spray: This spray is perfect for applying to your car before using our Nano Ceramic Coatings or other Tint World® detailing product. It removes lingering traces of other cleaners, polish residue, and other contaminants. All you have to do is spray it on and wipe it off. Once it dries, you are ready for the next detailing product.
  4. Foam Cannon Soap: This product can effectively clean your vehicle without damaging its paint job. The pH-neutral formula is gentle on wax, leaves no residue and glows with a perfect shine.
  5. Luxury Spray Wax: Our spray-on wax detailer creates a deep, enduring shine that fills and hides tiny cracks. It’s safe for paint, metal, plastics, and trim, and will maintain coated and waxed surfaces.
  6. Magic Surface Clay Mitt: This handy mitt is washable and reusable. Use it to safely remove surface grime and dirt from your vehicle’s exterior. It’s safe to use on paint, plastic, glass and chrome.
  7. Metal X Rust Remover: This pH-balanced cleaner targets iron and metallic particles such as brake dust embedded on your vehicle’s surface and wheels. Just spray it on, wait until it turns purple, brush it in, and rinse. Follow up with our Ceramic Waterless Wash & Detailer and Decon Spray.
  8. Textile Protection: This is an easy-to-use water repellent perfect for use on convertible soft tops as well as canvas, carpet, nylon, and leather. It’s transparent and will not alter material color.
  9. Tire Shine Gel: Our premium tire dressing gives your tires a fresh, wet look. It contains compounds that help safeguard your tires from UV rays and offers protection against dirt and rain and adds longevity to rubber, plastic, and vinyl.
  10. Water Spot Remover: Our spot remover makes it easy to remove hard water stains from your vehicle’s glass, paint, and chrome. It also helps prevent future spots, stains, and damage. It is mildly acidic, so follow directions closely.

Tint World® offers plenty more options to keep you riding in style. Nothing builds confidence or projects professionalism like tooling around in a spotless, shiny car. Contact your closest Tint World® today for more information.