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September 18, 2018

Four reasons grilles are great

Whether a new Raptor or a Tesla, we offer grilles and grille guards to make sure your truck or car is stylish and protected. Tint World® partners with grille specialists ranging from AMI to Spyder and Xenon, so we’ve likely got what you want. We can replace damaged grilles, emblems, and components, but we’ve also got you covered if you just want a stylish upgrade.

So what’s the history of this front-and-center vehicle component? At first, they served primarily as radiator covers and air vents but have since morphed into fashion statements and vehicle trademarks.

Here’s a quick look at grilles and why they are great:

  1. Facetime: Many auto manufacturers over the decades have developed grilles that resemble faces: headlights for eyes and grilles for mouths. Humans are drawn to faces, even faux faces.
  2. Branding: You know it when you see it. BMWs, Mercedes, and Dodge are just a few examples of the use of grilles in branding. It makes the car or truck distinct and recognizable as a brand.
  3. Blank expressions: The advent of rear-engine cars such as Volkswagens for a while negated the aesthetic face effect. It’s a mouthless face. Some manufacturers adapted to make the front bumper resemble a mouth. The design of the Volkswagen Bug still mimics a smiling face without a grille. Some manufacturers simply placed a fake grille on the front.
  4. Electric grilles: As electric cars become more widespread, car grilles will undergo another design change. The electric Ford Focus is simply outfitted with a fake grille. Others use bumpers to complete the face-like aesthetic. Look for the continued evolution of grilles as manufacturers try to recapture a traditional look in modern electric cars. It’s probably many cars will simply be outfitted with attractive panels as the radiator itself moves into history.

From classic cars to modern Teslas, we can help you figure out the best grille or other auto accessories options for your ride. Contact your local Tint World® and we’ll fire up your grille.