Save Your Vehicle’s High-Impact Areas With Tint World®’s Paint Protection Film

March 16, 2022

As much as we love our vehicles, we unknowingly inflict damage on them every day.

Just take a look at the exterior door handles on your vehicle. As one of our primary points of contact, we definitely leave our mark on this area.

Even now, when remote and automatic locks have largely replaced the physical key rings that were a primary source of damage, we still manage to rough up this high-contact spot with jewelry, bag handles, metal buttons, water bottles, travel mugs, and all kinds of other gear we carry. Over months and years, these tiny scratches, chips, dings and dents accumulate.

On top of that, layers of residue build up over time, too. We transfer a host of various substances like oil, coffee, household products, lotions and, yes, germs and bacteria from our hands to our vehicles.

The damage isn’t just cosmetic, either. A compromised finish can significantly reduce the resale value of a vehicle or result in excessive leasing fees.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to love our automobiles’ exteriors to death.

Tint World® offers the toughest automotive paint protection film available. And if you’re not ready for full-body coverage, you can focus on protecting high-impact areas like door cups and door edge guards to prevent  the repeated damage that can result from daily driving.

Our advanced paint protection films help protect your vehicle’s finish from scratches, stains, and chips. They also feature hydrophobic resistance to repel water and dirt, along with self-healing properties to ensure their resilience. Tint World®’s virtually invisible protective films preserve the flawless showroom finish you love as well as the value of your vehicle, plus they come with warranties that last for years and no-fuss maintenance.

To find out more about our paint protection film – as well as our windshield protection systems and unique, durable Nano Ceramic Coating solutions – visit the nearest Tint World® location.