Tint World Back from SEMA Show 2011 – New Pictures and Video

November 8, 2011

We’re back from SEMA 2011, which was a blur of wild vehicles, crazy styles, and all the latest and greatest automotive electronics and accessories. It was an amazing show this year, and vehicles were packed with all kinds of automotive styling, graphics, mobile electronics, custom wheels, and just about every other auto accessory you can think of. From high class sports cars to tricked out go-karts, they had it all, and we got plenty of video footage and hundreds of photos to share with you on our blog, our video gallery, and our Facebook page.

Tint World® SEMA 2011 Photos and Video Coverage

Here are just a few of our SEMA 2011 pictures edited into a photo slideshow:


More 2011 SEMA Pictures and Videos

And that’s just a sampling of all the SEMA 2011 coverage we got while at the massive four-day show. When the smoke cleared, we ended up with over 700 photos from SEMA 2011, which is a little too many to post on our blog. If you want to see the complete album, we are hosting a complete SEMA 2011 Photos and Videos page, and also posting content to our Facebook page so you can like, comment, and talk to other fans about your favorite sights from the show.

See All SEMA 2011 Photos and Videos


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There were some really amazing cars being featured, so be sure to Like Our Facebook Page to find extra 2011 SEMA Show photo and video content. What are your favorite cars from SEMA 2011? Leave a comment below or let us know on Facebook.