Shield Your Vehicle From Summer’s Exposure With Tint World® Paint Protection Film

July 5, 2023

You wouldn’t go to the beach without applying sunscreen, why not make sure your vehicle is equally protected?

Tint World®’s advanced paint protection film helps prevent damage from UV rays, dirt, debris, and other everyday hazards. If that’s not enough, Tint World® paint protection film offers incredible value. It’s one of the most effective technologies for maintaining the showroom finish you fell in love with, which maximizes resale value. A vehicle that retains its aesthetic appeal is also one you’ll want to keep driving longer.

And, with a wide variety of premium options to choose from, we have a package for every driver and every budget. Our virtually invisible, ultrathin film, can be applied to your entire vehicle or just to high-impact areas. Its also available in a variety of other distinctive textures and colors.

Some of our signature services include:

  • Computer cut system: Tint World®‘s computer cut system digitally generates and cuts paint protection film patterns that fit your vehicle. Installation is performed by expert technicians, ensuring a perfect fit every time.
  • Complete coverage: Get the coverage you need to protect your vehicle, including pieces designed to fit very specific areas such as hoods, fenders, headlights, windshields, bumpers, and more.
  • Headlight protection film: Our headlight protection film comes in clear, smoke, blue, green, red, and yellow colors to add style and protection for your vehicle’s headlights, taillights, fog lights, sport lights, side marker lights, and much more.

We also offer specialized solutions for windshields, providing added protection from rock chips and the sun’s UV rays.

At Tint World®, we’ve specialized in the industry’s leading paint protection film since 1982. Our paint protection film offers the most advanced overall surface protection for any vehicle. And with our skilled and highly trained installers, application is quick, convenient and permanent.

If you’re ready to stop worrying and start enjoying your summer, visit the nearest Tint World® location!