Storm Protection Film for Home and Office

November 8, 2016

Just last month, residents in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia were faced with the wrath of Mother Nature as Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc on homes and businesses in those states.  With hurricane season continuing through the end of the month and winter storms on the horizon, understanding the value of storm protection film from Tint World® for your home or business can help families and businesses stay safe whenever nature’s fury descends on the country.

During a storm, glass can become a vulnerable part of your home or office. Storm security film from Tint World® can improve the durability of glass in your home or office during storms by making glass more durable, and holding shards together in the case of breakage. 

Although unprotected glass may shatter, allowing entry of glass shards, rain, and debris, security film from Tint World® holds shattered glass in one piece to prevent dangerous shattering and help to prevent the entry of rain and debris. While storm security film provides added protection from damage during harsh weather, it is in no way designed to match or replace protection provided by storm shutters.

Other benefits of storm security film for homes or businesses include:

Increased durability to prevent breakage: Adding a layer of storm security film to your home or office windows can help keep your windows more durable when storms hit. This increased durability can help offer outstanding protection versus windows that are not covered by a storm protection film.

Prevention of dangerous glass shattering: Shattered glass from a storm can severely injure those in your home or office. Storm protection film on your home or office windows can minimize the potential of glass shattering by holding the glass shards together.

Improved Protection from water and debris entry: Storm protection film from Tint World® is designed to hold together broken shards of glass when a storm hits your home or office; unprotected glass that shatters leaves your home or office vulnerable to additional damage from water or debris that swirls in a storm.

While not replacing or match the protection of storm shutters from the most violent storms, storm protection film from Tint World® can help protect your home or office in the event of a weather emergency. To learn more about the benefits and installation of storm protection film for your home or office that Tint World® has to offer, contact your local Tint World® today.