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Tint World® provides window security film that holds glass together in the event of an earthquake or accident. Window security film protects you and your family by significantly reducing the chance of injury due to flying or falling glass. Storms, earthquakes, explosions, accidents, vandalism, terrorist bombings – natural and man-made disasters can unleash a hail of destructive, and sometimes deadly, flying glass shards.

Tint World® window security film is specially structured and strengthened with a patented mounting adhesive. This adhesive works with the film to form a tough, protective shield that provides exceptional resistance to impact and explosive pressure, resulting in added durability and reduction of airborne shards. Our window security film is available in several thicknesses and comes in clear or tinted.

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Increasing Home Safety Since 1982

Our safety film improves the shatter resistance and dispersal of broken glass and provides varying levels of safety or security protection.

Safety and security window film

Tint World® Safety & Security Window Film Benefits:

  • Helps keep broken glass in place to reduce risk of injury

  • Reduces the risk of glass-related injuries during natural disasters

  • Allows business to keep operations running while glass is being replaced

  • Adds a barrier of protection for glass situated in high areas where falling shards of glass can cause serious danger to occupants, pedestrians, and property

  • Engineered to protect people and property from a range of security concerns including forced-entry crimes, acts of vandalism, and explosions.

  • Designed to keep broken glass together and deter intruders from vulnerable entry points

  • We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry — from a trusted company you know will be around

Working To Keep Homes Safer

Reflective solar control window film provides 1-way mirror privacy during the day. This prevents anyone seeing into your home, while you enjoy unrestricted view to the outside. That's why each window tinting package we offer includes our guaranteed nationwide warranty.

Tint World® Safety & Security Window Film Features

Windows are among the weakest points in any building. Should glass break, space becomes unsafe for occupants and even significantly disrupt daily movements.
Shatterproof Protection
Shatterproof Protection

Improve home safety with our tinted or clear safety film series, available in a full range of film thicknesses to provide various protection levels from glass shattering caused by impact, blast, crime and natural disaster. Tint World® films offer excellent clarity, low reflectance and 99% UV protection.

anti smash & grab
anti-smash & grab

Glass is an inviting target for vandal’s intent on mischief or worse. Alarms and security systems are helpful, but provide little protection from experienced or determined intruders. With window security film, intruders cannot readily penetrate the glass, even by striking it with a heavy implement. Usually they become discouraged and quickly depart for some easier target.

tempered glass window film
tempered glass window film

Tempered glass is stronger than standard annealed glass, but factors such as imprecise installation or impurities in the glass can cause it to spontaneously explode. Safety Window Film secures tempered glass to minimize safety hazards while giving you the time to make repairs. Keep your in-home tempered glass in place when the unexpected glass break occurs.

explosion protection
explosion protection

Bombs, industrial explosions and terrorist attacks – in an instant, an explosion can fire broken glass fragments at lethal speeds. Research conducted after explosions points to flying and broken glass as one of the main causes of death or injury. While nothing can completely protect against powerful explosions, window security film has proven its effectiveness in these moments of extreme danger.

accidental injury protection
accidental injury protection

Like an invisible shield, window security film offers protection from broken glass when accidents occur at home and at work. When ordinary annealed glass breaks, it poses a considerable danger. The shattered pieces become daggers that can cause serious injury or even death. Engineered with powerful adhesives, window security film reduces the hazard of broken glass by keeping the pieces together and safely attached to the film.

window film anchor system
window film anchor system

This unique window protection system combines the toughness of Tint World® Safety Films with world-class expertise attachment systems that keeps the glass safely in the frame. Our window protection system helps shield against impact energy from severe weather, earthquakes, bomb blasts or forced entry events. The Window Film Anchor System also helps protect against personal injury from flying glass.

Window security film, security film for windows

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Nationwide Window Tinting Warranty

We are confident in every single tint we install and promise satisfaction. That's why each window tinting package we offer includes our guaranteed nationwide warranty.

Expert Home Window Film Installation Services!

Let the experts at Tint World® help you choose the right window film for your home or office.

Tint World® Radio Frequency Film blocks 90% to 95% of RF/EMF radiation. Prevent unauthorized parties from monitoring, listening, recording, and stealing confidential data and valuable electronic information.

Tint World® Surface Protection Film protects devices, furniture, tables, desk surfaces, counter tops, and more. Get the ultimate protection for your high-traffic areas with surface protection film from the experts at Tint World®.

Decorative Window Film is a cost-effective way to provide maintenance free, fingerprint resistant, decorative uniform windows and glass with a high-class appearance, and tranquil atmosphere.

Solar Control Window Film reduces energy costs year-round. In the summer, solar films can reject up to 85% of the sun’s total solar energy. In the winter, solar film helps retain heat by insulating glass.

With Tint World® Home & Office Window Films, you can fill your home or office with light just the way you want.

Tint World® Privacy Window Film provides total privacy while also blocking heat from the sun for a significantly more comfortable home or office. Our films block 100% of damaging UV rays and 100% glare reduction.

At Tint World®, We Approach Every Job With 100% White Glove Service.

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