Suds it up

November 21, 2018

How to wash your car like the pros

It may seem really simple, but you’re probably doing it wrong. Do you know how to properly wash a car by hand? Here’s a quick primer on how to do it right and leave your ride looking like new.

Before you begin, head down to your local Tint World® and purchase our branded cleaning, polishing, and detailing solutions. Our products can give you the upper hand on grime, grease, and scratches.

Here are nine steps for the perfect hand-wash:

  1. Find some shade. Park your car in a shaded spot. This will help avoid premature drying that can leave streaks and blotches on your vehicle.
  2. Hose it down. Spray your car to loosen dirt and debris. Don’t use a jet spray, and aim the hose downward. (If you prefer a waterless approach, use our Tint World® Ceramic Waterless Wash & Detailer. Simply apply and rub off).
  3. Start with the wheel wells. Use a cloth soaked with our Tint World® Foam Cannon Soap and wash your wheel wells first. This is generally the dirtiest part of a car. Rinse the cloth regularly to avoid scratching your car with accumulated grit.
  4. Then go to the top. Wash each section of the car from the top down. Don’t scrub too hard at bird droppings or especially dirty areas. This may scratch your car. Let the soap soak in and work for you.
  5. Keep it wet. Make sure you keep the entire car wet throughout the washing process to avoid blotching.
  6. Go low. Clean the lower sections of your car last. Clean lower panel parts and hit the wheel wells again.
  7. Dry it. Use clean towels to dry your car.
  8. Wax it. Spray some Tint World® Luxury Spray Wax on your car and gently rub it in until you achieve a showroom luster.
  9. Hit the rust. Use some Tint World® Metal X Rust Remover to remove any small patches of rust.

The last step? Admire your handiwork. Congratulations! You just saved some money and beautified your car with some of the best cleaning and polishing products available. Contact Tint World® for more information on our take-home products and how to best utilize them.