4 Things to Consider When Restoring Your Boat

July 14, 2015

Restoring your boat to top form can be a difficult and intimidating process. Knowing where to begin and how far to go can be tough decisions, but Tint World® is here to help. Below, we’ll outline four areas to focus on during the restoration process, as well as ways that Tint World® can help you complete this process. While exterior and interior detailing are obvious solutions to fixing an ailing boat, we’ve also highlighted other steps that you might want to consider.

  1. Exterior Detailing – The first thing to consider when restoring your boat is ensuring the exterior is in its best possible shape. Most importantly, you should ensure that the hull of your boat is in perfect working condition. Staying afloat is obviously a vital aspect when it comes to enjoying your boating experience, so maintaining your hull should be top priority. This can be a time-consuming and difficult process. If you want to save yourself some time and headaches, Tint World®’s experts can tackle your exterior detailing for you. In addition to restoring your hull and getting your boat back on the water, Tint World® offers a monthly and bimonthly waxing program that can keep your boat looking good throughout the year.
  1. Interior Detailing – Once your boat is ready to stay afloat, your focus should shift to the interior. Scrubbing and polishing below the deck is an easy way to get your boat looking as good as it runs. There may also be larger restoration projects to undertake. Leather seats and wood panels can get damaged by the sun over time and make your boat look older than it really is. Luckily for you, Tint World® offers interior detailing packages that can restore these areas for you and have you looking your best on the water again in no time.
  1. Audio Systems – One aspect of your boat that you might have neglected is the audio system. If you’re planning on entertaining guests on the water, having a high-quality and reliable audio system can be the perfect complement to your boat’s other features. Tint World® offers a full line of boat and marine audio system installation, including receivers, amps and subwoofers. Let Tint World® install the perfect audio system for your vessel and keep all of your passengers entertained.
  1. Window Tinting – Tinting your boat’s windows is a simple and incredibly effective way to improve your boat’s appearance and comfort, and it will also protect the interior of your boat from harmful sun exposure. Tint World®’s marine window tinting will keep the interior of your boat cooler, helping you save on A/C costs and keeping you and your passengers more comfortable when you’re out on the water. They can also protect you from the sun, as our window films cut down on potentially dangerous UV-A and UV-B rays.

To learn more about the various packages available for your boat, contact Tint World® today!