Tint World® can delete the chrome from your car and bring you into the 21st century

July 27, 2018

Chrome can be hard on the aesthetic flow of your ride

Chrome can be cool. At least on your grandfather’s car.

Let’s face it, chrome doesn’t exactly scream “modern,” and its presence on trim or grills can interrupt the elegant flow on a newer-model car.

If you want a smooth finish from front to back, like matte black, Tint World® can blacken the chrome on trim and elsewhere with our professional chrome deletion services. We can use one of our many special restorative films to cover the chrome in your door trim, your bezel and your grill. This makes your ride a lot more pleasing to the eye, reducing the stark differences between the chrome and non-chrome aspects of your car.

Using specialized colored wraps of the customer’s choosing – from silk black to matte – we can cover that chrome for a much more uniform look that won’t crack, peel or fade. The jarring, glaring chrome juxtaposition is most noticeable on black cars, but we can handle the job on any color, leaving your car’s exterior smooth as silk and integrated beautifully into the rest of your paint job. Our high-performance wraps can stretch to match any type of surface, from irregular grooves to complex curves. The procedure also works on all types of vehicles, from trucks (seriously, yes, some trucks have chrome details) to sedans and sports cars. If you want to retain a little smooth and eye-catching flair, never fear. We can add some more muted yet still colorful and vibrant accents as part of the chrome deletion process. Our film can also be removed, leaving only the smooth gleam of the original chrome, if you ever crave chrome again or want to sell your ride in its original state.

You also have the option of retaining your chrome, and we can polish it to a high, gleaming, shining sheen. We can also direct you to a store with great deals on plaid golf pants and Wayfarer shades.

Chrome is overrated and harshens the flow of your ride. Let us delete it today.

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