Tint World® leads the way in car security features and alarms

June 6, 2018

Here’s a basic overview of features to protect your vehicle from theft and burglary

Car theft is on the decline in some areas because of security and alarm features. This proves the value of a security system for your car.

Tint World® has a range of options to meet your vehicle security needs. To keep things simple, here’s a basic primer on what we offer from the leading international brands:

  • Audio glass-break sensors: This feature can detect and alert you if damage occurs to your car windows. An audible alarm will also be tripped, but the alert feature means you can respond right away to determine the extent of damage or theft.
  • Proximity sensors: This feature sets off a series of warning chirps if someone breaches a determined perimeter around your vehicle. It can scare off burglars or thieves before they can even enter your car.
  • Backup battery system: This redundancy means your alarm and security features will still function if a would-be thief tries to disconnect the system from the car battery.
  • Digital tilt sensor: This feature monitors the angle of inclination and will transmit an alarm signal should the angle change, as would be the case if your car was jacked to remove the wheels, or if it is being towed.
  • Remote start/keyless entry: This enables you to start your car and unlock it remotely, limiting the time you may spend in a dark garage or parking lot fumbling for your keys. This feature also includes a panic button and car-find options.
  • Smartphone compatible: Many of our security features can be controlled remotely by smartphone applications.

Contact Tint World® today for more information about our state-of-the-art car security features available from the best brands in the business.