Tint World® offering flying car customization packages for a limited time

April 1, 2018

Our April 1 deals will leave you flying high

Tint World® is proud to announce aftermarket customization services for the first mass-market flying cars now available in the U.S.

The winged cars, perfected earlier this year by Nicolaus “Tez” Tezla, are sold under the DOA brand. They are the first affordable flying cars available for purchase by the general public. Their cost varies, but according to news reports, they are available for a “couple hunnert.”

In observance of this momentous moment in car aviation history, we are offering what we call the Tailspin Package. Highlights of this customization service, available free to the first 10,000 customers, include:

  • Gilded cup holders so you don’t have to ask a passenger to hold your beer. You only have to say “watch this.”
  • In-seat toilets that negate the need to pilot your flying car to some boring earthbound rest stop.
  • Specialized full-puree and patè settings to deal with those pesky geese sucked into your turbines.
  • External strobes and landing lights that pulse to the sound of your favorite electronic music.
  • 100-percent blackout tint so you can enjoy the sensation of hanging your head out of the window to pilot the craft.
  • Bold neon flying stripes that make your air car very visible and personalized so you can impress that one girl with low-level flybys.
  • Leather vomit bags for those turbulent commutes.
  • Whistles similar to those affixed to Stuka dive bombers so you can terrorize the general public during trips to the grocery store.
  • Customized fertilizer and pesticide containers so you can rock your crop-duster side hustle.

We will also throw in a pair of completely opaque aviator shades so you can catch up on some sleep as you drive.

This customization package comes with no warranties or guarantees of any kind, and all sales are final.

Hurry down to your Tint World® today for these sky-high deals. This offer expires today, which is April Fool’s Day.