Tint World® solar films can protect both your homes and businesses

March 20, 2018

Our window tinting is not just for auto application anymore

Everybody knows the benefits of car window tint: Reduced glare, privacy, and eye and skin protection. The same benefits hold true for business and residential window tinting, too.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of both.

Residential tinting

Tint World® solar window film shields your home from 80 percent of the sun’s heat. This can markedly reduce your air-conditioning costs, as well as heating costs in winter because it traps the heat that does infiltrate your home.

Solar window film also cuts down on glare from swimming pools, snow or ice. It also provides a significant layer of privacy, allowing occupants of your home to see out the windows without being seen from the outside. It also protects your furniture fabrics and wood floors and other housing materials from fading. Solar window films can also reduce the risk of flying glass fragments should a window break in a storm or be struck by an object.

Office and commercial solar window film

Tint World® solar window film is great for your business and can provide a boost to your bottom line.

Heating and cooling costs are among the top line items in a business budget. With such a marked decrease in solar radiation infiltration, your business can save big bucks, especially on air conditioning if your restaurant or market gets crowded in the summertime.

Office and commercial solar window film can also protect workers and employees from harmful UV rays; improve the appearance of your office space or business; and protect furnishing, carpeting, and floors from fading.

In some cases, solar window films can help businesses protect inventory prone to spoilage, such as displays of food close to windows. It can even reduce the work rate of coolers near exterior windows, adding more life to your refrigerated products.

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