Tint World® is ready to help you hit the water in style this spring

March 13, 2018

Here are some boating basics to dewinterize your yacht or boat

Can you already smell the salt air? Can you anticipate the feel of cool lake spray hitting your face as you bound across the waves?

It’s almost spring, and that means boating season is on the horizon like the masts of a faraway ship.

But your boat has been lonely this winter, isolated, covered in a slip or tucked away in dry storage. It’s time to get that puppy back in the water, and Tint World® can help.

Tint World® marine services range from boat and yacht detailing to boat wraps and window tinting that protect both the hull and the interior.

We can do some preventative and cosmetic maintenance, but here are some other things you want to ensure happen before you get your ride back on the water:

  • Batteries: Install them or replace them. Make sure the batteries are installed properly and cover the posts.
  • Electronics: Activate your electrical system and test all components, including audio and navigation systems, pumps and radios.
  • Bilge and engine room: Make sure your automatic bilge pump works without power. Check for leaks and check the oil and other fluid levels. Check all hoses and lines for signs of corrosion or cracking.
  • Engine: Check the engine manual to ensure you know the exact cold-start procedure, such as priming, before ignition. Once the engine is running, carefully inspect it for any signs of leaking fluid.
  • Gauges: Make sure all gauges on the fly bridge or at the helm are working properly.
  • Hull: Inspect your hull for any signs of damage or unusual wear. This is obviously key to safe summer fun on the water if you want to stay out of the water.

Contact Tint World® today for other ways to get your pride and joy out on the water in style this spring!