Top 5 Horsepower Boosts for Your Car

February 24, 2015

You love your vehicle! But, have you ever wished it was just a little bit faster and more powerful?
While you may not be planning to moonlight on the drag racing circuit, you may be curious as to how your car or truck can one day fly up hills with a little more gusto and punch. For those who are tired of dragging their car from the stop light and remaining a few seconds behind the pack, to the chagrin of your fellow driver, this article is for you.

Below you will find the top 5 best ways to add horsepower to your car or truck.

1.     Light Weight Performance Tires

A great way to get some added speed for your take off is to purge extra weight. While new carbon fiber or lightweight fiberglass panels may be a bit out of your price range, a set of smaller performance tires to lighten the load may be a great place to start. By adding performance tires and dropping the steel wheels you can lose about 50 pounds of extra dead weight and free your car like a bird from a cage and let her soar

2.      Aftermarket Exhaust System

An aftermarket exhaust system can really give you an edge when looking for added horsepower. Unlike the stock exhaust system that comes with your vehicle when it leaves the manufacturer, the aftermarket exhaust system is a straight shot from the engine to the tailpipe and streamlines the flow of exhaust. The faster these gases can leave the engine after combustion, the faster fresh air can enter to be used for the firing process.

The size of tubing (test piping) and type of exhaust system best suited for your vehicle will vary depending on your vehicle model and engine size but a professional can guide you towards the best option.

3.     Air Intake Upgrades

With an aftermarket cold air intake system, you can add considerable speed to your vehicle.  Cold air is denser than warm air and thus when added to the combustion process it allows for a greater output of power and speed.  The aftermarket cold air intake system is the most cost effective method of boosting horsepower if your car has limitations on its oxygen uptake.

4.       Turbo Kits

The turbo kit is a forced induction system that compresses the air that goes to the engine by use of a turbine. The turbo kit is the most costly method on our list running from $2000 to $9000; however, it is perhaps the most effective. Essentially, the compressed air allows for more fuel to go to the oxygen in the pistons and thus boosts output in a major way. The result: about 100 more horsepower from the stock set up.

5.      Reflashing

Reflashing is a powerful way to get your system to optimal horsepower. Reflashing is essentially the reprogramming of a car’s computer to adjust the timing and fuel-air mixture to ensure max output in all categories that relate to horsepower and greater speed. Reflashing only works on a car with a turbo already installed, and gives your already fast turbo an extra jolt of energy and lift. Reflashing is the crème de resistance of aftermarket horsepower boosting methods and is well worth it if you have already gone turbo.


Whether you are going for a supercharged turbo powered car or just want to add a few tweaks to your cars current operating system, you can change the horsepower of your vehicle with one of the various power boosting tricks above. Any car can be optimized with a little know-how and a few aftermarket parts. So go and get the most out of your vehicle.


By visiting a local customization shop like Tint World®, a skilled professional can access your vehicle and find the best way to boost your horsepower, effectively and economically.  Come by a local Tint World® location and find out more.