Transform Dad’s Ride

June 6, 2013

Are you having some trouble finding a gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Show him you care by taking his most prized possession (after his family and golf clubs of course), his car, to Tint World®! Tint World® is having a Father’s Day Special that can make your dad’s ride the vehicle he’s always wanted. It may not be the Ferrari or Porsche he’s been eying lately, but that doesn’t mean he can’t ride in style.
Give your dad a break from the soap and suds and start out with an all-encompassing detail. He may be a weekend warrior with a habit to wash and wax his beloved vehicle every month but here’s a chance to let him sit back and relax. Not only can detailing services from Tint World® create a showroom finish, creating a shine on the exterior like never before, but the interior will be just as clean and fresh as the rest of the vehicle. You can actually get a Free Wash & Wax with a purchase of an Ultimate Tint Package.
But if your dad’s the type to want to do his own detailing, we still have a special deal on our window tint packages. Currently, you can get $30 off any automotive window tint package during our Father’s Day promotion. If there’s one easy way to add style and comfort to a vehicle, it’s with window tint. Tint World®’s state-of-the-art Computerized Film Cutting System digitally generates and cuts window tint patterns to a vehicle’s exact specification, ensuring the best tint service every time. And don’t forget, Tint World® also offers window tinting services for boats and RVs—perfect timing for the summer season!
If your dad has a truck, then you’re in luck! The Spray In Bedliner by Tint World® could be the best investment when it comes to protecting truck beds. Tint World®’s Spray Guard Liner is ideal for automotive applications and offers basic color matching and custom color creations. The bedliner creates a permanently bonded protective barrier formulated with extra UV resistance between a vehicle and the outside environment, providing a guard against rust, dents, scratches, and chemical corrosion. Get it for your dad’s truck today for $399.99 (Standard Bed In Black MSRP $499.99).
You might be thinking that your dad doesn’t care too much about his audio system but if he’s still using cassettes then it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Tint World® is offering a Father’s Day Combo Price, a Sony Bundle Deal (installed!) for $199. Add a loaded enclosure package for $349 (MSRP $399) and you’ll have dad blasting all his favorites as he takes his upgraded vehicle on a joyride.
Whatever you decide to give your dad this Father’s Day, Tint World® is happy to provide services and products that can help show Pop that you care. Check out our Father’s Day Promotion for all our great deals.