Turn your boat into a bounding billboard

June 13, 2017

Want the ultimate in organic impressions? Go with Tint World® marine wraps

Tint World® can wrap your boat with a protective film to ease your mind about feet on the gunwale or incidental gashes from your gaff or favorite lure.

But we can also turn your boat into a billboard bouncing and bounding across the water this summer.

Whether you are a charter boat captain or franchise owner, our boat wraps and graphics can offer a fantastic return on your advertising dollars – and maybe even make your boat pay for itself.

In this case, size doesn’t matter: We can wrap your yacht, bass boat or personal watercraft. Our wraps, decals, and graphics can be tailored to your specifications and provide the advertising tone and style you want to deliver. We can stripe it, flame it or wrap it, as well as create and apply custom cutouts.

The experts at Tint World® can work around your schedule to install boat wraps, so you don’t have to take time off from the very business you want to advertise. We can work on your boat morning, noon or night on any day of the week. Our quality-assurance program solicits feedback from every customer via survey, and you don’t have to pay for it until you are 100-percent satisfied. Our professionals will help you select a design or decal from among a wide range of options. You can also just tell us what you want, and we’ll happily oblige. We have invested in ultra-modern digital printing equipment that allows us to offer the world’s most advanced large-format boat wraps.

We’ll do jobs large and small – if you just want a company logo, we’ll apply it. We can also provide full-color, digital wraps that are bound to get attention as you zip along crowded waterways this summer. You’ll make an expression far greater and longer-lasting than your company’s latest Facebook campaign.

Our wraps can not only help you solicit business, but they can also protect your boat’s exterior and paint job from the inevitable dings and dents that come with extended use. We can also help further protect your water-ride with custom marine-tinting services that can filter out ultraviolet light that can fade your interiors. Tinted windshields can also greatly reduce glare and reflectivity from the water. We can also detail your boat to impress your in-laws or significant other. And our marine audio systems can pump some bass on your way to cast for bass.

Boost your advertising with a floating billboard that will garner more impressions than your company’s website. It’s an investment in both your business and your boat.

Contact your local Tint World® or call 800-767-8468 for prices and more information about our boat-wrap services.