When it Comes to Windshield Protection, the Solution is Clear!

February 22, 2022

While your vehicle’s windshield may be one of the most important pieces of equipment in the entire vehicle, it’s also its most vulnerable point. A clear-view of the road is essential for you and your passengers, but if something goes wrong, a damaged windshield can quickly become a safety hazard.

Windshield Protection Film is a specially-designed, impact-resistant film, that can be used to enhance the safety of your vehicle’s windshield. This invisible film reduces the damage of flying gravel, rocks, and other road debris that can cause windshield damage. Say goodbye to rock chips, stars, pitting, and bull’s eyes!

Not only does Windshield Protection Film add a layer of safety from road hazards, it also offers scratch resistance that stands up to wiper blades and other common abrasion risks. This impact protection film keeps your windshield safe and clear, so you can always keep your eye on the road.

Staying protected from chips, scratches, and cracks caused by road debris is a good enough reason to invest in Windshield Protection Film, but there’s actually an even-better reason to add this product to your vehicle. If you’re ever involved in an accident that shatters the windshield, the protective film helps form a bond with the glass that holds shattered glass in place, keeping you and your passengers safe from flying glass that could cause significant injuries.

Tint World® Windshield Protection Films are professionally installed by our highly trained staff of expert technicians. We thermally fit impact protection film precisely to your car’s windshield, and installation only takes about an hour.

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