Protecting glass store-front from vandals is a high priority for business owners. Millions of dollars of damage are reported each year from graffiti alone. The cost of replacing windows on storefronts has become too costly for many business owners to change out each time an irresponsible individual decides to leave a mark on the glass. Tint World’s solution is anti-graffiti coatings and anti-graffiti films. Anti-graffiti coatings and films protect your storefront, your business, and your wares.

Anti-graffiti coating is a thick, clear film that is applied onto the exterior of the glass and can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new window pane. The anti-graffiti coating is 4-6 mils thick and has an advanced scratch-resistant layer applied from the manufacturer which can be cleaned with conventional glass cleaners.

In the case of breakage, anti-graffiti coatings hold the shards of glass together, leaving a large blanket of glass held in one piece, making it easier to clean and dispose of.

Anti-graffiti films and anti-graffiti coatings are available to eliminate expensive glass-etching vandalism or damage to glass in high traffic areas. Anti-graffiti coatings are thick enough to protect glass from most forms of vandalism or accidental damage, yet they are virtually invisible when mounted on the outside of surface glass or Plexiglass. When a vandal scratches a window or uses acid etching chemicals to deface it, anti-graffiti coatings will prevent any permanent damage. In this case, vandals are actually damaging only the anti-graffiti coating, not the glass. We can then simply replace the anti-graffiti coating for a fraction of the cost of glass replacement.

Please contact your local Tint World® for any specific questions about anti-graffiti coatings or anti-graffiti films. Protect your storefront with Tint World® anti-graffiti coatings and never suffer graffiti damage again.