4 Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows

March 31, 2015

Who hasn’t seen a poor tint job in their life? Bubbly, peeling, odd colored and mismatched paired shades are all common problems. There are many horror stories when it comes to tinting, but there are also many success stories. For those who are still not sure if window tinting is the right choice…this article is for you!

Why Tint Your Car?

1. Sun Protection

There are many benefits of a good tint job. First of all, tinting can block harmful UV rays which not only cause cancer and damage the skin, but also damage the leather, vinyl, and fabric in your car leading to premature aging of your vehicle’s interior. This translates into the devaluation of your vehicle which can effect trade in value and resale rates. And with the cost of a new car, who wouldn’t want to protect their investment?

2. Interior Temperature Control

Second, tint can reduce the heat inside your vehicle on a hot day and prevent cold temperatures from infiltrating your vehicle when temperatures drop. With your car’s interior environment better regulated, your AC and heating components don’t have to work as hard and your fuel efficiency is not compromised as a result.

3. Safety

Third, tinting makes your vehicle safer. In the event of a collision or flying debris, a car with a window will not shatter like an untreated window. The shattered pieces will still cling to the adhesive and will better protect you and your passengers’ by creating a protective shield as opposed to a gaping hole in the event of window breakage. The same is true for carjacking or theft, as the window will hold together preventing easy snatch and grabs. Also, the time delay posed to the prospecting thief will make another untreated car more appealing at first glance.

4. Privacy

Window tinting creates more privacy. While in most states complete limo tinting (totally black windows) is not street legal, regulation compliant shades will still have a discreet look. The feeling of privacy and protection provide you and your passengers with a feeling of safety and concealment. When the back windows are tinted with darker shade people passing by will not be able to see the contents in your car, better deterring thieves and snoops.

Visit a Local Tint World®

Once you decide to move forward with a tint job for your vehicle you may need to do a little homework. Depending on your needs and the look you are seeking, there are a variety of different styles and looks you can go for.

Feel free to stop by a local Tint World® location and ask one of the tinting professional tint experts for information about the different options that are available.