Automotive Gifts for Everyone

December 6, 2012

It’s that time of year again when it feels just as good to give as it is to receive—and while the holiday spirit evokes good holiday cheer—everyone loves a good gift. If you’re looking for a gift for that special someone, consider purchasing something for their vehicle. After all, it’s been noted that people spend about 500 hours a year in their vehicle—it’s part of their day, their life—so why not buy a gift that can help them enjoy the drive more? From electronics, to detailing, or even window tinting, Tint World® is here to help you play Santa.
Mobile Electronics
Tint World® carries a variety of mobile electronics which can make great gifts for people with different needs. Is your brother bad with directions? Get an in-dash GPS. Is your friend still having trouble with parallel parking? Purchase a back up camera. Don’t want your kid driving and talking on their phone? Get Blue Tooth systems installed in his or her vehicle. There are plenty of other solutions Tint World® can offer with mobile electronics—radar detectors, iPod or MP3 adaptors, advanced warning systems and more—that anyone can enjoy.
Audio & Video
There’s plenty of travel during the holidays, whether it’s going to the mall, parties, or a relative’s home, it all leads to hours of time in a vehicle. Get into the holiday spirit by singing along to your favorite holiday songs with the latest audio systems or keep your kids entertained with a new video system. With a new entertainment system, pick up some DVDs while you’re at it—for car enthusiasts, Top Gear DVDs are probably at the top of their list.
It may surprise you how happy a person can be after getting their vehicle freshly and expertly detailed—it’s like the car owner is just as rejuvenated as their vehicle. People are so busy during the holidays that a simple task like getting a car wash is put on the back burner until the New Year. Tint World®’s interior and exterior detailing services are so thorough that the vehicle itself might be mistaken for a new car taken off the lot. A great additional gift to maintain the cleanliness are seat covers! Have fun with it—favorite sports teams, cartoons, wild colors—choose something that works with the driver’s personality.
Window Tinting
Add style and comfort to any vehicle simply by adding window tint. Window tinting reduces glare and prevents overheating so passengers are always comfortable. It also adds a cool, custom look to any vehicle. A great complimentary gift would be some serious driving sunglasses. With window tint installed and some cool sunglasses to wear, anybody would be ready to cruise around the block once spring brings back some shine.
Whether you’re shopping for a car enthusiast or not, Tint World® offers plenty of great gift options for everybody to enjoy. Make sure to check out our promotions for this month for great deals on some of these gift ideas!