Don’t get jacked – get a car security system from Tint World®

July 10, 2017

We offer the world’s leading vehicle alarm systems

In 2015, a car was stolen every 45 seconds in the United States. That doesn’t include the frequency of ripped-off airbags (yes, airbags are a hot commodity for thieves) or audio equipment.

Tint World® offers a range of vehicle alarm and security systems from the world’s leading manufacturers to protect your car, truck, or motorcycle from theft or burglary.

Here’s a quick look at the types of security features our expert technicians can install on your vehicle:

  • Compustar’s PRIME and LT series include some of the industry’s most popular remotes and alarm features, such as antennae, controllers, and sirens. The Prime series allows for a remote range of up to one mile. Both series come with a lifetime warranty (one year warranty on remotes).
  • DroneMobile links your remote or security features to your smartphone. You can manage your security features or upgrade from anywhere via the DroneMobile smartphone application.
  • Proximity sensors provide an invisible force field of sorts around your vehicle. They detect moving objects near your car and emit chirps when something enters the zone, and then transition to a full-scale alarm if your vehicle is entered.
  • Audio glass-break sensors operate via small microphones in your car that detects the sounds of glass breaking or other intrusions. It can also detect what is known as “soft breaks,” which is when a thief tries to enter your vehicle by muffling the sounds of breaking glass.
  • Programmable voice systems allow you to augment your audible alarm system with some of your own choice messages or words.
  • Tilt-motion sensors activate alarms when a car is jacked up – or a towing device is attached. This can protect investments of rims or expensive wheels.

Don’t be a victim, and don’t break a sweat every 45 seconds. Contact your nearest Tint World® location or call 1-800-767-8468 for an instant security quote.