Don’t leave your leased vehicle to the mercy of an inspector upon return

April 23, 2018

Come by Tint World® for a free inspection and economical repairs

Are you afraid you’ll get dinged with repair charges when you return your leased vehicle?

Most leasing companies have certain standards for what’s considered above and beyond standard wear and tear. Does a scratch only penetrate the clear coat, or does it go deeper? If so, you may be on the hook for extra charges when you return your leased ride. One rule of thumb: If the defect is larger than a credit card, it might be on you to fix.

Then there are the dreaded upholstery checks. That friend who spilled red wine in your backseat last week probably won’t be around to help foot the bill.

The average lease-return charge can approach $2,000, typically because of moderate dings and dents and interior damage. Don’t sweat the details; get a free lease-return inspection at Tint World®, instead. We can fix the dings and dinks and make upholstery and windshield repairs on checklist items that exceed the typical definition of normal wear and tear. We can detail your ride for good measure so its immaculate appearance throws inspectors off their game.

Here’s what’s considered excessive wear and tear for most leased vehicles:

  • Exterior: Damage greater than two inches in diameter, missing parts, poor color match or anything that degrades the resale value.
  • Wheels and rims: Cracked, bent or mismatched wheels or covers.
  • Windshield: Any hole or damage greater than ½ inch in diameter.
  • Lights, turn signals: Any damage greater than ½ inch in diameter or any hole.
  • Interior: Burn holes greater than 1/8 inch in diameter; cuts, tears or singed areas greater than a 1/2 inch; permanent stains that require the replacement of upholstery or carpeting.

Any damaged equipment, inside or out, or substandard repairs can also leave you on the hook.

Bring your ride by Tint World® for the peace of mind that comes with a pre-lease return inspection. We can also make repairs to any of the aforementioned defects, probably for considerably cheaper than you will be charged for when you roll that car back into the lease lot. Contact Tint World® today for more information.