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Repair Door Dings, Curb Rash, and Bumper Dents – Tint World Makes Parking Blunders Disappear

August 8, 2011

parking crash

It’s summer, and that means fun, sun, and hordes of people competing for parking spots. At the beach, getting to the game, or at the county fair – you’re sure to find plenty of people that are just dying to squeeze their cars into that tiny space that you’re pretty sure you can fit into. Everyone has experienced the trials and tribulations of summertime parking, and not everyone makes it out unscathed.

It happens to the best of us; rims get scraped, doors get dinged, and bumpers dented – all in the name of summer activity. But even after you pack up the beach balls and the folding chairs, your vehicle doesn’t have to live with the scars of those risky but worthwhile parallel parking attempts.

Fix Door Dings, Curb Rash, and Repair Bumpers

When you’re done battling it out in the parking lots, you can swing by your local Tint World (don’t worry, we have plenty of parking) and get those wheels and bumpers looking like new again. You’ll look like a regular parking pro after our reconditioning services. We buff and polish rims to fix curb rash, repair door dings, and patch up any other parking scrapes to an all but time-machine-quality restoration. While you’re there, you can throw some tint on your windows so you won’t feel like you’re baking while hunting for that space. Learn more about how window tinting reduces heat here.

Tint World Auto Reconditioning Services

We offer a full range of exterior auto reconditioning services that can repair vehicle dents, dings, scrapes, scratches, scuffs, paint marks, door dings, and just about any other minor damages your vehicle may have incurred. We also offer interior repair services, so if you’re sick of that leather scar, or want to prevent any more foam stuffing loss from that tear in the passenger seat, you can come to Tint World and find quality interior repair as well.

Auto Repair Service List

  • Bumper Repair
  • Wheel Repair
  • Door Ding Repair
  • Scratch Removal
  • Paint Touch Up
  • Leather and Vinyl Repair
  • Headliner Replacement
  • Fabric Repair



We wish you the best of luck in the gladiatorial arena of summertime parking, and hopefully your vehicle won’t have to pay for its space. But if you do collect a few nicks here and there, you can rest easy knowing that when the smoke clears, we’ll be here to fix any battle scars and get things looking new again. Just find a local Tint World, request a free quote, or schedule an appointment online.

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