Top 3 Ways to Go Green with Tint World Automotive Services

August 29, 2011

At this point most people are conscious of the environment, and at least know that there are ways to reduce environmentally damaging habits, even if they haven’t made the effort to go green.

We do our best to stay environmentally friendly here at Tint World®, and we would like to remind customers that going green doesn’t have to mean biking to work and covering your house in solar panels. To us, going green can be as simple as making the effort to recycle, and bringing re-usable bags to the supermarket. There are also some Tint World® services that help reduce our environmental impact. To make the first steps to going green, check out the following list of eco-friendly automotive services.

1. Automotive Window Tint

Window tinting is a green option mainly for tint’s ability to block thermal rays. In hotter months, everyone finds themselves blasting the AC which uses more energy, and more gas, which leads to more pollution. By tinting your vehicle windows, you can cut thermal rays by as much as 70%, reducing the need for AC and making a significant dent in gas consumption and adverse environmental effects.

2. Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

People also tend to be liberal with the air conditioning in their homes when temperatures outside start to rise. Like car window tinting, residential window tint, and commercial window tint blocks thermal rays that heat up your home or office, letting you live comfortably while saving all that energy wasted on AC. In colder seasons, window tint also works as an insulator, preventing loss of heat from your windows and thereby reducing energy expenditure from heating.

3. Auto Reconditioning

Auto reconditioning is a great way to help the environment, and your budget. Auto reconditioning services restore minor damage to original parts of your vehicle and is a great way to avoid expensive replacement parts. Since most reconditioning services are an alternative to replacement parts, this service can prevent a lot of wasted car parts that could have been restored with auto reconditioning from Tint World®. Less replacement parts means less old parts buried in landfills, and less cash you have to dole out for their replacements.

We hope you consider taking some green initiatives with your vehicle, or in other parts of your life. Remember, every little bit counts and going green doesn’t have to be a total transformation. If you want to learn more about our eco-friendly or other services, just find a local Tint World®, request a free quote, or schedule an appointment online.