Learn The Difference Between Your Factory Speakers and a Better Audio Experience

December 15, 2011

Many drivers have factory speakers in their cars, but few realize the possible improvements to sound quality they could be getting with some affordable audio upgrades. Speaker and head unit upgrades aren’t just for people trying to blast base down the street, and it only takes a few basic upgrades to enjoy significant improvements in clarity, quality, and power, not to mention the connectivity features that come with most new systems. We have some awesome audio upgrade deals going on now for our Christmas Sale, including free head unit installation and speaker upgrades as low as $28 bucks!

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Head Unit Upgrades

Many think the speakers are the only way to upgrade sound quality, but your car radio aka the head unit plays a big role in the the power and capabilities of your car audio system. Just by upgrading your head unit you can improve audio quality, clarity, and power, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes like never before. Plus with the high tech capabilities of most aftermarket head units, you’ll be able to stream your iPod, connect with Bluetooth, and even access social media from your vehicle.

Speaker Upgrades

Of course speakers also play a big part in the sound and depth of your audio system. While factory speakers usually include a soft paper cone to direct the sound, upgraded speakers have polycarbonate cones that project a clear, crisp sound throughout your vehicle. Better speakers deliver a stronger, better balanced sound that’s better suited to ring true over the sound of wind and other competing noise during your commute.

Subwoofer Upgrades

While an upgraded subwoofer can definitely deliver a big “bump” to your audio system, a mild bass upgrade is also a great way to bring life to your favorite sounds. Most factory systems skimp on the bass, which results in a flat sound. Even a basic upgrade will make a significant improvement to your sound system and leave you wondering how you ever made it to work without it.

As we mentioned, even the most basic audio upgrades can make big improvements to your listening experience. If you’re into your music, do yourself a favor and swing by Tint World® for an upgrade to your head unit, speakers, or subs. We have plenty of deals going on now, so check out our Christmas Sale and find great deals on audio upgrades for you or your loved ones.

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