Make Your Daily Commute Safer with These 5 Vehicle Upgrades

August 21, 2021

We don’t often think of it this way, but driving is one of the most dangerous things we do each day. Unexpected circumstances, the weather, and, yes, other drivers, can all make our daily commute stressful and hazardous. While many things are out of our control when it comes to traffic safety, we can still take measures to make our time in our vehicle as safe as possible for us and our passengers.

Tint World® has five upgrades to suggest that can help enhance the safety of your commute:

  1. Ceramic window tint. While window tint can make your vehicle cooler and more comfortable in the hot summer months, did you know it can also make it safer? Window tint films can protect your eyes and skin from harmful UV rays, reduce road glare and even protect passengers from shattering glass if a collision should occur.
  2. Hands-free car audio system. It goes without saying that every driver should avoid distracted driving. Whether it’s fiddling with the radio or trying to take a call while driving, distractions can be deadly on the road. Help reduce this danger by using hands-free smartphone integration and steering wheel controls. If your vehicle didn’t come with Bluetooth, let the professionals at Tint World® install an upgraded car audio system with the latest safety and entertainment features.
  3. Camera systems. Backup cameras have become a standard feature on many new vehicles. If you’re driving a vehicle that didn’t come equipped with a camera, adding an aftermarket system is a great investment in your safety. Dash cams can also enhance the safety of your vehicle while parked to help deter theft and vandalism.
  4. Collision avoidance systems. Like camera systems, variations of collision-avoidance systems are often standard on newer vehicles. However, you can have these electronic obstacle detection systems installed in older vehicles as well. Depending on the model, these systems can detect cars and other obstacles around your vehicle and alert you if you are getting too close.
  5. Tires. Sometimes the simplest components are the most easily overlooked. They are not always the most glamorous upgrade, but top-quality tires can have an impact on your vehicle’s safety and performance. Good tires handle inclement weather conditions, offer better stopping power and traction, and help keep your commute smooth and comfortable. Our professionals can find the right set of tires for your vehicle, needs, and budget!

Your local Tint World® can help you choose the best options to upgrade the safety features of your vehicle. So, why not make an appointment now? Your safety and peace of mind is worth the investment!