Tint World® residential window film is a must for all seasons

November 2, 2017

Here are six benefits of home window film in winter

We’ve talked about ways tinted car windows can keep you safe during winter by eliminating glare from the low angles of the sun and highly reflective snow and ice.

Your home windows are a candidate for Tint World® services, too, even during winter. Our residential window films can save you money on heating bills, and even provide an additional layer of privacy as you gather with loved ones for the holidays.

Here are six reasons why our residential-tinting services are a good idea, even in the depths of winter.

  1. Save money. Solar window film retains interior heat, reducing your heating costs even in the coldest weather.
  2. Eliminate glare. Our window film reduces annoying glare from the snow and ice that can accumulate outside, depending on where you live.
  3. Be safe. If your area is prone to blizzards or harsh winter winds, our storm security film can add a measure of safety should your windows break – even by way of an errant snowball. Our security film will hold together even if broken, preventing an explosion of broken glass and further exposure of your home’s interior to the elements.
  4. Improve privacy. Our residential solar window film allows you to see outside but doesn’t allow anyone to see from the outside in. You don’t have to draw curtains or drapes, bringing more light into your home.
  5. Ease the fade. Even in winter, sunlight can fade fabrics, furniture and even affect your flooring. Our solar window films help prevent that and protect your home’s interior.
  6. Protect your property. Burglars can be active during the holidays, especially when homes are left vacant during travel to see friends and family. Our window films lessen the possibility an aspiring burglar can case your house and its contents. It also makes it more difficult for those with ulterior motives to determine whether anyone is home.

Contact your closest Tint World® today to see why our residential window film is a necessity for all seasons and all weather.