Toward a more welcome home: Solar film can improve your house’s windows

May 30, 2017

We protected your car, and we have an eye on your house.

Tint World® offers a range of options to cool your home, protect your privacy and keep the sun’s harsh rays at bay. Here are a few reasons to contact Tint World® today and set up a free estimate for installation of our solar window film on your home’s windows:

-Save money: Solar window film can reduce the amount of heat entering your home by 80 percent. The same film will retain heat during the winter, so it’s a win-win for all seasons. In some areas, you can even cash in on a government rebate designed to make your home or property more energy-efficient. Here’s a good resource to see whether you may qualify.

-Drop the drapes: Solar window film not only reduces glare from the outside – be it direct sunlight or reflective snow or water – it reduces the chance of prying eyes. You can enjoy the usual view from your windows while resting assured no one can see in. That means you can further streamline your home décor by removing dust-collecting drapes. And would-be burglars can’t case your house via your windows.

-Save your skin: While many heralds the return of spring and warmer temperatures, spring, and summer sunlight is a merciless aging agent that can actually increase the risk of skin cancer over time. Our solar window film reduces harmful UV rays by nearly 100 percent. Tint World® films are even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

-Protect your house: Sunlight is notorious for fading upholsteries and fabrics and prematurely aging wood and vinyl. Solar window film can help protect your furniture and flooring. The increased shade reduces cooling costs in the summer and traps heat in the winter. Our solar window film yields utility benefits all year round.

 Learn more about how Tint World® window film can protect your house as well as your vehicle or boat.