Keep Your Cool with Tint World® Solar Window Film

May 7, 2019

Solar Window Film Boosts Efficiency and Comfort in Your Home or Office

The first warm days of spring are the best, that time when it feels great to get outdoors and soak up the sun’s rays. But all too soon, coming home to the air-conditioned indoors will feel like a relief.
We all pay a price for cool summer comfort in the form of higher energy bills, though. If you’re worried about taking a hit to the wallet this summer, it might be time to invest in solar window film from Tint World®. We install window films that are a great fit for your home or office, keeping you comfortable and safe all year round.

Our installation experts can tailor window film application to your unique needs. We can even apply film to skylights! Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with solar window film.

  1. Lower energy bills: Solar window film lowers your energy costs for air conditioning by blocking up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat. In the winter, it helps retain heat lost through windows. You’ll see a dramatic return on investment!
  2. Privacy: Solar window film offers privacy, too. You can see out, but others can’t see in. This is an important safety measure for your home and office.
  3. A beautiful view: Since solar films provide privacy and block the sun, you won’t need to close the drapes or blinds. You can enjoy a beautiful, unimpeded view all year long without worrying about who’s looking in.
  4. Protect your furnishings: Solar window film acts like sunscreen for your furniture, artwork, paint, and carpet, blocking the sun’s rays and preventing fading. Installing window film protects your valuables without restricting your view.

Now is a great time to get solar window film installed at your home or office before summer really heats up. Our team of experts at Tint World® can give you a detailed estimate on an installation custom-made to fit your needs. Get a solar window film and start saving today! Contact your local Tint World® to find out more.